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Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Aid

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Veterans preparing those living in disaster prone areas and providing relief to those living in affected areas.

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You are helping communities directly and supporting veterans.

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Operation RX Shield

Here at Everything LifeSaving, we specialize in disaster preparedness and humanitarian aid. We are a Veteran owned small business in Savannah that is dedicated to providing the necessary items to prepare for times of crisis. At the present time, there is a nationwide shortage of some of these necessary supplies due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Many pharmacies and other healthcare workers right now are working without proper personal protective equipment. Many of these front line workers are reusing surgical masks for weeks that were designed to be single-use items because there simply aren’t enough. Others are furnishing their own homemade masks.

These people are dedicated to protecting and serving their communities and are putting their own health at risk to do so. We need to protect these individuals as much as possible. They’re likely to have some of the most interactions with the High Risk, Sick, and Elderly. It’s our duty and goal to protect those that need it the most. It is our goal that we may donate as many masks as we can to help protect our local pharmacies and healthcare providers that are working hard to keep us safe.

We’ve coordinated an order with RZ Masks, a Minnesota Based company on reusable masks with replaceable filters. But we need your help. Please join us in our efforts to support these deserving people in their time of need. We will provide updates on all mask donations made. Please consider even a small donation if you can and share it. Thank you.

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Camp Fire Recovery

Residents in Paradise, Magalia, Concow, and surrounding areas in Butte County California still need our help while recovering from the 2018 Camp Fire. Many are living in temporary trailers, are struggling to get clean and uncontaminated water, and are without proper cooking facilities.

We have partnered with a local nonprofit organization to receive and distribute food that is easy to prepare and store, along with water filtration and storage. These supplies go directly to those in need.

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Previous Response Efforts

Camp Fire Relief


“From rigorous equipment research to lifesaving in action, Everything Lifesaving is dedicated to giving everything they have to saving lives. Paul is one of my soldier-students from a decade ago who was a shining example of motivation, dedication, curiosity, and appreciation for learning. He and his company will not fail you; it’s their job.”
Scott Thompson, Hereford, Arizona

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