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Disaster Preparedness and Humanitarian Aid


Veterans preparing those living in disaster prone areas and providing relief to those living in affected areas.


Help us help others

We help by planning for the unforeseen. You can help by facilitating our mission. Your funds help us recruit other veterans and fund a partner nonprofit to help others mitigate risk by providing emergency materials needed to ensure safety and evacuation custom to their specific needs. Help prepare for hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods.

SelectED Suppliers

We have hand-selected products that are either military grade or are of the highest quality to provide for our customers the best materials they can get anywhere. Products for emergency trauma, rescue, home protection, outdoor activities, foodstuffs, and much more. You can buy them for yourself, or provide to those in need.

We offer a wide range of products and services

Train First Responders

We work very closely with first responders, medical crews and fire & rescue teams.

Hygiene and Food Services

We work together to create an integrated process that assists in donation management.

Emergency Housing

We assist with land layouts, mockups, and create solutions for displaced survivors.

Emergency Management

We work hand-in-hand with local emergency management teams to assist in disaster recovery.

Search and Rescue

Assist urban search and rescue organizations. Provide initial medical or other needs.


We provide a wide variety of high quality goods to supply our teams and your families.

Our Mission & Vision

This company is established as another way to benefit returning veterans to civilian life. We’ve partnered our company with Field Innovation Team, (, a humanitarian non-profit. We formed a company partnership to help us raise funds for humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and to help acquire more equipment to help assist communities.

  • Train First Responders
  • Provide Emergency Housing Logistics
  • Aid in Search and Rescue
  • Provide Hygiene and Food Service Logistics
  • Assist Emergency Management Agencies


Our Trusted Partners

“From rigorous equipment research to lifesaving in action, Everything Lifesaving is dedicated to giving everything they have to saving lives. Paul is one of my soldier-students from a decade ago who was a shining example of motivation, dedication, curiosity, and appreciation for learning. He and his company will not fail you; it’s their job.”
Scott Thompson, Hereford, Arizona

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